Getting my Cute back

Well its been a few days and a lot has happened. I’m due to start my course tomorrow and my Stella & Dot start pack and samples have arrived. I am so excited!!!! I met with my sponsor over the phone a wonderful lady from California, Elaine Marshall whom I am already in love with. Elaine and I spent nearly three hours on the phone chewing the fat on everything from our careers, families and love of Trader Joes. We are both on the same page = needing to get our cute back. This is where Stella & Dot come in.

I love to make myself look and feel good, although I have to admit that I have been feeling little off my game and when I’m shopping on the high street I am not really feeling it with some of the accessories available. However this is different. Yes its costume, but its beatiful (I know I’m biased – but hey!)

The company has a fabulous ethic, very supportive to all. From the women who just want to have a few extra pieces in their wardrobes to those looking to create a business with other like minded women. It all about empowerment

Just look at the beautiful images and positive messages on the website and you know its all good.

So what is it going to mean to me or anyone who wants to join the Stella & Dot club? Well its a little bit of this:


Get up to 35% commissions on sales, shop at a discount up to 50% off, plus get tons of free products and perks.


You choose the hours, you call the shots. How much you work is up to you. No minimum requirements.


Extra income is just the beginning. Join a community of strong and supportive women.

And a whole lot more, I’ve already made one new friend. The wonderful Elaine, who I know you’ll love to. Check her blog out its fab.

I’m really looking forward to sharing with you all the fun of trying out new pieces from the collection, using them to bring a little bit of sparkle to our Mr & Mrs Ds dates and just everything a bit more fabulous.

Thats my new word, fabulous. FAB-U-LOUS.

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