How to make myself feel twinkly again Part 2

Well it been a little bit time since I last posted, mainly because I have been looking for ways out of the rut I’ve been finding myself in so I can start too enjoy life again. No what I should really say is build a better life for me as an indivdual so that Mr D and I can have a better life together. I love our live together, I love our little furry family and I love the things we do together, building our home and the dates/times/holidays we enjoy. However, there is a whole other side to me life that I do not enjoy. The side of my life that is my own. The working environment I am in. The loss of my friendship circle due to my working life – the lack of work life balance, and above all being a creative person in a very non-creative working space. I had a poor little rich girl break down on our last holiday because of this very fact. (I trained as a classical dancer and was luckly enough to work as a professional dancer before an accident changed my life)

 The dread I felt going back into work was overwhelming, its not because of the people I work with or even the company. They are all fabulous and work exceptionally hard, I am very proud of their achievements; rather its the place/pace/hours/ – I feel restricted as if I do not have any freedom. I used to paint and until about five years ago when the stresses of work become more acute. Now I can’t even begin to imagine what it would feel like to even pick up a pencil to draw, let alone start a major piece of work. Its like I can’t breath creatively and it stops me from interacting with experiences and life outside the four walls of my work and home. 

I read an article a few weeks ago about Danish work life balance. Mainly because I have Danish friends and family and this interested me,but also given my current feeling about work I thought it would be helpful. They always seem so happy, relaxed and in love with life. Secondly, for the more deeply personal reasons above. I found this on LinkedIn via Stylist magazine and it talked about the differences between the cultures in UK working and the Danish. Now I am a realist and I do know that the whole country of Denmark does not grind to a halt at 4pm whilst the whole country clocks off. Afterall  who would be left to serve the beer in Newhaven of an evening?

However when it comes to working culture I do think they [The Danes] are on to something. Having that balance between work and non working life. The expectation that you have something better to go home to and that is understood and appreciated by your co-workers is quite frankly missing in the UK. Whilst I always try to create that environment for my team, that same environment is missing for me. Perhaps I do too much for my team? Maybe – however in my role, at my level I think it is impossible to have. Hence the Career Change course.

So stop your moaning girl and go do something about it – I sure you are thinking the same whilst reading this!! Well I have.

Starting with my health. On with the 8 Week Blood Sugar Diet, by Dr Michael Mosley. It’s hard but so far worth it. This is the start for me getting back to dance fit.

I’ve also started as a Stella & Dot stylist with my own Facebook page – its not going to make me a millionaire but I do love fashion (another form of painting for me) and it might pay for a few dates with Mr D and I get to wear sparkly things!

Oh and Girl Guides – I’m on my way to being a leader. Loved the Guides when I was a Guide and still have the promise ringing in my head... I promise to do my best… now I need to do my best by myself.

I’ve also done a hell of a lot of thinking. I’ve signed up to another course before the career change one, all related in flowers and floristry. I think know this is where my path lies. I love love love flowers and every thing about them. I know what my flower business will be (more to come on that later) and now is the time to get my skills ready.

Its time to invest again in me. To find that young woman whom her friends loved to be with. That young woman who loved life, on her own terms and felt free enough to be able to paint large paintings, have adventures at 10pm on a Sunday evening and embrace new experiences.

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